5.1020.2 CARVING SET ΜΑΧΑΙΡΙΑ Victorinox®


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Key features

  • Multifunctional selection for meat, fruit and vegetables
  • Swiss made bread knife with wavy edge and carving knife with straight edge
  • All pieces with high-quality wooden handles and elegant design

Set with Bread Knife and Carving Knife

Where exceptional craftsmanship meets carving and slicing versatility. Introducing our Wood Kitchen Set. Both knives of this set are constructed with robust wooden handles whose uniquely patterned surface has been polished manually for comfortable grip. What's more, they've got your meal fully covered; the 21 cm bread knife cuts your baked goods with ease while the 19 cm carving knife expertly slices through cooked and grilled meat without affecting its natural fibers.


  • Wood Bread Knife, 21 cm
  • Wood Carving Knife, 19 cm

Item number5.1020.21G
Size418 x 165 x 27 mm