VG-0270YS SHUN 27cm Ξύλινη θήκη KAI Japan


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Kai Shun Kaji is a Japanese knife with a 9 cm blade and 10.4 cm handle ideal for peeling fruit and vegetables.

The word «Kaji» in Japanese means "blacksmith", and in Japan is synonymous with the manufacture of sharp samurai sword. For centuries perfecting their art in forging they formed the basis for the worldwide recognition of the sword craftsmen of Seki. Only the best that could be called Kaji.

Knives series Kaji Shun is the hardest to their construction, the core is porous and compact blades SG2 rate hardness of 64 ± 1 HRC, and the stainless steel coating provides protection from corrosion, flexibility and maintain their sharp edge. The special feature of this series is mirrored blade 32 layer Damascus product_type that turns each Kaji into a visual masterpiece. The grip from laminated Pakka is stabilized by two steel rivets and is comfortable to use due to its symmetrical form.


  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel Damask 32 Levels with hardness 61±HRC
  • Grip Material: L
  • ayers of Lacquered Pakka Wood
  • Blade Length: 9 cm
  • Handle Length: 10.4 cm
  • Total Length: 19.5 cm
  • Design: Kai